In an exciting exploration of artificial intelligence’s (AI) potential in design, a series of urban sculptures have been created using the text-to-image tool, Midjourney. These sculptures aim to enrich the city-dwelling experience through their playful, vibrant, and lively design, drawing inspiration from various design elements like architecture, parametric design, and math art. The AI’s use in crafting these sculptures showcases its potential to have a transformative impact on the built environment. Utilizing this technology has translated ideas into visual creations, a feat that may not have been achievable using traditional design methods. These sculptures enhance the visual landscape and provide experiential boosts for those who encounter them. The project underscores the potential of AI-assisted design in creating such sculptures, pointing to a future where artificial intelligence can revolutionize how we design and experience our built environment. Explore these intriguing urban sculptures and envision how AI can redefine the boundaries of design and experience.