Hello, I’m Pouria,

an architect captivated by the nexus of creativity and design. Over the past twenty years, I have been devoted to the field of architecture, a journey that began in the bustling heart of Tehran, where I studied at the Iran University of Science and Technology, one of the most prestigious architecture universities in Iran.

This academic grounding served as a springboard for my pursuit of a Master’s degree at Milan Politechnic, a globally celebrated institution. Both of these experiences collectively honed my expertise in concept design and instilled in me a deep-seated passion for integrating advanced technology into architectural projects.

Ten years ago, I ventured to Germany, where my career blossomed in ways I had only dreamt of. I started as an intern architect at Tim Hupe Architekten, a pivotal experience that cultivated my skills and nurtured my architectural perspective. In 2015, I joined the ranks at Hadi Teherani Architects, one of Germany’s leading architecture offices. After several years of gathering invaluable experiences, I progressed to the role of a Project Manager and Senior Architect.

Under this mantle, I managed high-profile projects, including the luxurious Spreebogen residential tower in Berlin. It stands as a testament to my adaptability and unwavering commitment to my craft. My portfolio is varied and compelling, with diverse architectural typologies and a wide range of projects and competitions. My innovative AI-driven soccer stadium designs have been featured in renowned publications, earning recognition in the architectural sphere.

Looking towards the future, I am excited about the endless possibilities and challenges that lie ahead. I am eager to continue refining my skills, enhancing my career journey, and contributing to the field of architecture with my unique perspective. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey and I look forward to what we can create together.