Welcome to a journey of design and music, a fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence. This is a tribute to the beating heart of St. Pauli — the iconic Molotow Club. As an ardent patron and admirer of this musical institution, I’ve used the innovative text-to-image AI program, Midjourney, to visualize a futuristic vision for Molotow Club 2050. Stepping into Molotow Club is akin to immersing in a world of pulsating indie beats, where songs like ‘Please, Please, Please’ by Shout Out Louds echo through the walls. The rallying cry of ‘Molotow muss bleiben’ reverberates within us, a testament to our shared love for this musical haven. With the power of AI, my designs reflect the club’s edgy spirit and its signature black and red theme, paying homage to the iconic interior filled with vinyl records. Each image is an AI-generated vision, offering a glimpse into countless unforgettable nights and the club’s potential future. Join me on this journey through AI-created imagery, where I combine present experiences and future aspirations into a visual love letter for Molotow Club. Explore how technology can help us envision the future of our beloved spaces and how it can forge a bridge between our shared past, present, and the years ahead — all the way to 2050. This design tribute transcends traditional art forms, linking our collective memories to the boundless possibilities of the future.