This innovative project, entitled Red Jello, brings together the concepts of fluidity in architecture and parametricism, using AI to generate a series of fascinating visualizations. The project explores the plasticity of red gelatin, drawing upon its qualities as a source of inspiration for futuristic architectural design. Utilizing the text-to-image artificial intelligence tool Midjourney, hundreds of image variations have been generated, giving shape to conceptual sculptural spaces. These creations celebrate the fluidity of gelatin and the energy, power, and courage symbolized by the color red. In a novel twist, red gelatin has been extracted from its conventional context and employed as a building material within the project. Some final variations even deviate from the initial design intent, presenting textures that resemble living organs. Red Jello signifies a bold push of the boundaries of art and architecture, sparking the viewer’s imagination about the potential of AI in shaping future design. The project serves as an illuminating example of the thrilling new possibilities opened up by AI in the realm of architecture. The process of creating the images is described as a delightful journey brimming with surprises and amusing scenes. Red Jello challenges viewers to ponder the potential of AI and its power to shape extraordinary creations. Explore this visually arresting project and consider the remarkable capacity of AI to reimagine architectural design.